Book Trade or Sell Policy

We Want Your Pre-read Books!

We mainly offer trade credit for your books, and this allows us to offer you BIG savings of 75%  off
the cover price on your future pre-read book purchases from our store.



We are not a book exchange. 
Your accumulated trade credit may not be used to cover the full purchase price of another book.  It can be applied to reduce the price of pre-read book prices by an additional 50%. Trade credit may not be applied to reduce the price of new books or other merchandise.

Please plan to stay for the initial sort of your books. 
As a small family-owned business with limited space, we unfortunately do not currently have the resources to accept all book donations or store your books for an extended period of time. Any books left with the store that we deem unfit for resale will be disposed of within 48 hours.

Please let us know in advance if you believe you have a book of rare or collectible value.
This will help us proactively avoid any disagreements on credit/purchase offers. We are not experts in antique books, and will need to consult with local experts.

We have the right to refuse any book for any reason.
Every book brought to Copperfield’s Books will be evaluated on condition, value and existing store inventory. Typical items not accepted include, but may not be limited to:

  • Damaged books, including those with torn covers, stained or overly marked pages, signs of mold, mildew or other evidence of water damage
  • Magazines or comic books
  • Books on Tape or CD 
  • Outdated materials, including yearbooks, how-to guides, technical manuals and some healthcare/self-help titles
  • Most hardback titles, with the exception of titles published within the last 6 months and rare or collectible titles.



Trade Credit Policy

  • Our credit system is computerized, so you will be required to provide your name, phone number and email address to establish and track your trade account.
  • You will receive 20% of the publisher’s printed cover price in trade credit for each accepted book.
  • While most credit can be applied to any pre-read book, credit accumulated for the following genres may only be applied toward another pre-read book of the same genre:
    • Romance
    • Historical Fiction    
    • Science Fiction        
    • Fantasy


Using Your Credit

  • Your accumulated trade credit may only be used to reduce the price of used book purchases by an additional 50%.  New books  and other new store merchandise do not qualify for trade credit discounts.
  • Even using your credit, you will always be required to pay for 50% of your total used book purchase, the full Copperfield's store  price of any new merchandise, plus 8.25% tax.  Another way to describe this is that pre-read paperbacks, normally priced 50% off the publisher's printed cover price, are discounted to 75% off the cover price, and pre-read hard cover titles are reduced to 80% off the cover price (from Copperfield's normal 60% off) for credit account customers.
  • Here's an example:
    • If you bring a box of books to trade with a total cover price value of $100, you will receive $20 (20% of the original cover price total) in trade credit. 
    • You then find a pre-read paperback in the store with an original cover price of $10. The everyday Copperfield’s Books Store Price is $5.00. 
    • You may use $2.50 of your trade credit, or 50% of the Store Price of the pre-read book you've chosen, to reduce your purchase price for that used paperback to $2.50. You pay $2.50 plus 8.25% tax, or $2.71 total. 
    • You will then have $17.50 remaining in your trade credit account. 
    • You may continue to apply this additional 50% price reduction to each pre-read book purchased until your credit is depleted.


Cash Purchase Policy

  • As we are a very small business, cash purchases are limited to select titles for which we have particular customer demand, such as books published within the last year, contemporary young adult/teen fiction, current required school reading titles and unique gift titles/items.
  • For titles we deem acceptable for resale, we can offer a maximum of 25¢ – 50¢ per mass media paperback fiction and up to $1 for oversized non-fiction/specialty paperback titles. We may offer 50¢ - $2 for select hardbacks. These offers are not negotiable, and are based on current customer demand in our store.
  • Rare or collectible items may be negotiated.  Please make an appointment to discuss such items when at all possible so that we may devote our full attention to your transaction.