"The Human Pathway": "Find the Truth!" A guide to cosmic and spiritual elightenment that will transform humanity from "unconsciousness" to (Paperback)

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Jim Knut Larsson establishes that the foundation for freewill, meaning and purpose is anchored in the latest findings in quantum mechanics and cosmology-empowering us to create the future. The Human Pathway is destined to become the catalyst for a transformation in politics, justice, government, economics and spiritualism. What choices does humanity need to make now, in order to avoid destruction? What goals can we set up to maximize meaning and purpose both for the individual and also for all of humanity? The Human Pathway might be the most important, inspiring and interesting book you will ever read. Our future depends upon your participation Also included as an addendum: "What to do in case of arrest " It could save your life or ... someone close to you A must read Some more questions ... What is "enlightenment"? Why the earth created humans? What would be the ultimate goals for humanity? How can you unleash your creative powers and create your own future? Why every act, movement and thought is a manifestation of freewill and why it affects the evolution of the universe? Why the living standard in the US declines daily? Why there are more than 3 million people in jail and more than 50 million with a criminal record? People in America always talk about "they". "Back then, 'they' castrated people who were homosexuals. "They" had strict laws against sodomy." They" did radiation experiments on the population. The question is; who are "they"? Revelation: Does it matter if you are resurrected at some point in the future? It is your desire to know the "truth" that drives your desire for resurrection. You will live forever as long as humanity-or if human intelligence lives on forever-because what is living, even if your ego is dead, is you being one with humanity. Individuals only manifest by their "clinging" to their egos. This "clinging" prevents you from becoming creative, happy and blissful. If you get rid of your ego, which should be everybody's goal, you will dedicate yourself to the eternal "now" and to serve humanity. A great quest is to help humanity reach its highest potential and to achieve "absolute" knowledge, "finish" the creation of the universe and acquire the power to recreate everything that existed forever. Then, at that point, you will be resurrected However there is a final revelation and, if it is revealed to you, it will give you "absolute" knowledge and peace. This final revelation is the logical conclusion of this book. Understand what is written and the truth will be revealed to you. When it is, you will understand that it cannot be directly communicated and understood by others unless they have the same revelation You will know that you have the final knowledge when you get the revelation and you don't need to seek validation for it However, you want to share it with others Study the revelations in this book and hopefully you will get it. You will know it when you do. We need to dismantle many laws and make society free again. We must get the government out of our lives. The benefit you get from reading my book is that you will be able to see through the myths. When you read my book, you will become an enlightened person. Actually after you read this book you will say, "I'm enlightened now". You will have revelations that will make you enjoy life more and become a happier person, but also you will no longer be seduced by propaganda. This, in the end, is a book of cosmic and spiritual enlightenment and enlightenment with regard to politics, economics and justice. What does it mean to be an enlightened person who helps secure the future prosperity and excitement of living for yourself and for humanity as a whole? Another bonus from this book is that you may no longer fear death. You will become a participant in the conversation and the future goals and aspirations of humanity.

About the Author

Jim Knut Larsson was born in Stockholm, Sweden and grew up in Raufoss and Oslo, Norway. He was an excellent student with top grades. He especially excelled in math and physics. He also won the county championship in cross country skiing when he was 14. Started a pop band when he was 12, which won a talent competition when he was 14, by the time he was 15 he played in one of the most popular bands in Norway. He lost his father when he was 17 and his mother died three years later. After High School, he went in for one year of military service. He earned his bachelor's in business in Norway as a top student and was granted scholarships to earn an MBA at Arizona State in the US, which he finished in one year. He respectfully declined a scholarship for a PhD. as he was driven to go into private industry. After various assignments as a strategic planner for companies both in the US and Europe (Siemens, Teledyne Systems and Optical Coating Laboratories), he founded Gloria Munde International in 1983 as a 29 year old, a cosmetic and image design company. He pioneered color analysis and image design and grew the company into a million-dollar business in nine countries. He also had eight fashion stores and makeover centers. Gloria Munde International was sold in 1995. He founded another company, GAIA in 1997 as a private label manufacturer of holistic anti-aging skin care products, nutritional supplements and the GAIA brand (incorporated in September 2001 as Knutek, www.knutek.com & www.knutekpro.com). He has developed many skin care products and nutritional supplements and has taken a leadership position in using nano technology for transdermal delivery of nutrients. The successful development of a stable nano emulsion for delivery of oxygen to the skin cells is a major achievement in this field. He has now two patents pending in nano technology. The Knutek brand is currently sold through skin care salons, day spas and clinics both in the US and overseas. He is an innovator of breakthrough products in cosmeceuticals and nutraceuticals and a makeover artist. He is the creator of "Makeology(TM)"/the science of making and becoming. Jim Knut Larsson has a daughter, a granddaughter, sister and brother all living in Norway. He resides in Berkeley, CA.

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ISBN: 9780615413877
ISBN-10: 0615413870
Publisher: Jim Knut Larsson
Publication Date: January 29th, 2011
Pages: 342
Language: English