"An Aspirant's Guide to Practicing the Egyptian Mysteries": The Everyday Practice of the Egyptian Mysteries (Shetaut Neter) (Paperback)

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This book has been written for the person presently seeking the answer to the age old question Who Am I? Although the who am I question has been asked by many generations of people over many years, since the closing of the The Temple of Aset, the ancient Kamitic/Egyptian methodology used for discovering its answer has been forgotten. When Emperor Constantine of Rome decreed in approximately 313 A.D., that the new world religion would be Christianity, thousands of years of highly advanced African philosophy and religion were cast aside. This book is dedicated to the Aspirants of the Ancient African Kamitic/Egyptian Philosophy and Religion known as "Shetaut Neter." This philosophy and religion was known as the "Egyptian Mysteries" for those outside of its practice. What is presented is a guide from an Initiates point of view of what practicing the teachings in day to day life looks like.

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ISBN: 9780978634636
ISBN-10: 0978634632
Publisher: Lawrence Mathews
Publication Date: December 17th, 2012
Pages: 184
Language: English