Association/11 (Paperback)

Association/11 By Jacob Taylor Soley (Editor), Samuel Price (Editor) Cover Image
By Jacob Taylor Soley (Editor), Samuel Price (Editor)
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ASSOCIATION/11 is a student-designed and edited publication that gathers work from students, faculty, staff, and alumni across Cornell University's College of Architecture, Art, and Planning AAP] in a single volume.

An anthology of projects from artists, architects, and planners, ASSOCIATION/11 strives to highlight cross-disciplinary connections and reveal new relationships between the works produced by the three departments of AAP that we represent. Through the careful curation and presentation of yearly submissions since 2005, each volume serves as a record of the work produced by the current AAP community, as well as a source of inspiration for years to come. Years. Projects. Volumes.

Since 2005, we the students of Cornell University's College of Architecture, Art, & Planning have brought to you ASSOCIATION -- the culmination of the voice of the student body. Once again, with the release of this publication, we invite you to view the work of the multi-talented, individual, and endlessly brilliant students, faculty, and alumni of this college.
In 11, we observe the idea of parallel. We are all familiar with parallel lines: two or more lines in a plane that do not intersect or touch each other at any point. Parallel subjects can also be equidistant, similar, analogous, or also interdependent in tendency or development. For us at ASSOCIATION, parallel is meant to represent the three parallel pillars of Cornell AAP -- Architecture, Art, and Planning -- in equally important and considered ways. Not only does organizing projects in this way allow each project to be understood individually on its own, but it also allows one to draw parallels between the work, or as we like to call them, associations.
Each project has been carefully categorized and interwoven, allowing you, the reader, to find projects by subject, by color, and of course, by association.

Product Details
ISBN: 9780997260229
ISBN-10: 099726022X
Publisher: Cornell Aap Publications
Publication Date: November 24th, 2020
Pages: 260
Language: English
Series: Association

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