A Romance of Two Worlds (Paperback)

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By Marie Corelli, Mint Editions (Contribution by)
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After meeting a mysterious stranger, a sickly woman drinks a powerful potion that opens her eyes, heart and mind to the wonders of the supernatural. Once she's been exposed, she's eager to learn more about the spiritual world.

A Romance of Two Worlds follows a young woman who struggles with a serious health condition. Despite her doctor's best efforts, they are unable to provide a cure or any long-term relief. In an attempt to ease her physical and emotional pain, she goes on vacation and encounters a stranger called Raffello Cellini. He has a divine energy and supplies the woman with a potion that leads to a spiritual awakening. She develops a thirst for knowledge and experience that can only be quelled by one figure--God.

A Romance of Two Worlds was Marie Corelli's first novel, which set the tone for her subsequent works. Her stories are infused with various themes that often conflict with one another. This novel is a unique and captivating debut from one of the most read authors of the late-nineteenth and early-twentieth centuries.

With an eye-catching new cover, and professionally typeset manuscript, this edition of A Romance of Two Worlds is both modern and readable.

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ISBN: 9781513277752
ISBN-10: 1513277758
Publisher: Mint Editions
Publication Date: March 9th, 2021
Pages: 242
Language: English