"Our Unique" Divine Guiding Presence (Paperback)

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ASt age thirty six a series of divine interventions revealed the empowering love of God, and Divine Presence that created and create light into evolution, and evolution into Light.

About the Author

At age 36 I prayed this prayer. "Father, if it be Thy will, reveal to me, why life after life in for4m and non form? I "Knew I was Soul, had recall of entering this current life, and through what I "thought" was unbreakable faith knew soul was a creation of love. Then I was taken on a journey through uncountable interior planes, and a thirty six year Life maturation here on earth. This writing is based on the Divine Light of Love, the Clear Light of Mercy, and the Eternal Gate of Grace. The state of being outcome is Compassionate Wisdom Empowerments, for shoes I once walked in. It's not where we go when we die or transition, rather our state of being. In reality it not our exclusive state of being, rather a dynamic unity, harmony, order, balance, systemic symmetry Whole Spirit Mind and Body dynamic reality. In divine presence we are unconditionally loved, provided for and love and benefit all within the sphere of our relaxed presence in One Dynamic Divinity.

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ISBN: 9781543900392
ISBN-10: 1543900399
Publisher: BookBaby
Publication Date: June 22nd, 2017
Pages: 188
Language: English