"100 People to Meet Before You Die" Travel to Exotic Cultures (Paperback)

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Live life Break away from the mundane habits and predictable schedules of everyday living Interactions with new cultures will transcend the limitations of your world. Should you be immune to the lessons life is waiting to teach? Let me introduce you to dozens of people to meet along the way, as you gain personal insights cultures, customs, and hints about the incredible changes taking place inside yourself from this type of exposure. The icing on the cake is the compelling photographs that take you through the daily life of an unfamiliar culture. A travel experience starts with the place and the sights to see. What you bring back in your treasure chest of memories will be experiences with people you meet along the way. I will hold your hand while you see, taste, smell and breathe the life of the people. This is not a show and tell guidebook to suggest where to go and what to do. It will open your eyes and tempt your tongue, as you taste traditional Moroccan bisteeya (a delectable three-layer sweet pie wrapped in the thinnest of pastries and eaten with three fingers). Your exposure to more traditional customs may cause you to change your lifestyle. After this safe, vicarious trip at my side, you will be packing for your second. Whether you need inspiration, without venturing away from your known comforts to fill those gaps of discontentment, or you dare to let your imagination run free in exploring the world around you, you will want to keep "100 People" at your bedside or in your reading bag for your next flight. Jackie Chase has more than four decades of travel experience in and out of over one hundred countries. She has lived temporarily with remote tribal people in the populated continents of the earth and has written several books in this photo-journalism series about cultures, plus a Traveler's Handbook that won a Royal Palm Literary Award.

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ISBN: 9781937630959
ISBN-10: 1937630951
Publisher: Adventuretravelpress.com
Publication Date: November 2nd, 2016
Pages: 314
Language: English