"Faith" in journeys: 20 places that tuned our beliefs (Paperback)

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Life they say is a grand trip. But with the set patterns of daily routine, it sometimes does not feel that way. Getting away and letting life drift even for a little while can feel so tremendously liberating. In such moments of free-wheeling happiness, there is so much trust that things will somehow arrange themselves in wonderful ways. In the pages of this book are the travels of three people who love to drift joyfully.This is a travel book. This is also a book of stories. The authors have narrated their travels to 20 places of worship in India and their delightful myths and history. It is also about faith and how small things help to shape and tune our beliefs and make life a fulfilling journey.About the Authors: Nandita, her brother Sadabrata and her husband Joy, love leisurely travel particularly on public transport, relishing the interactions, the stories and the local cuisine For the last fifteen years Nandita and Joy traveled to many places with their brother, pursuing their wanderlust and their careers in various companies in Bangalore. Sadabrata is a special needs person with a beautiful childlike perspective of the world.

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ISBN: 9798683604776
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: September 20th, 2020
Pages: 158
Language: English