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The Prophet by Khalil Gibran: Bilingual, English with Arabic translation Cover Image
Viral Modernism: The Influenza Pandemic and Interwar Literature (Modernist Latitudes) Cover Image
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Silsiladda Xulka Suugaanta Soomaalida: Qeybta 1 Cover Image
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In Another Place: With and Without My Father, Norman Mailer Cover Image
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Possibilities of Lyric: Reading Petrarch in Dialogue Cover Image
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Sexagon: Muslims, France, and the Sexualization of National Culture Cover Image
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Indiscreet Fantasies: Iberian Queer Cinema (Campos Ibéricos: Bucknell Studies in Iberian Literatures and Cultures) Cover Image
By Andrés Lema-Hincapié (Editor), Conxita Domènech (Editor), Ann Davies (Contributions by), Meredith Lyn Jeffers (Contributions by), Nina L. Molinaro (Contributions by), Ana Corbalán (Contributions by), Jennifer Brady (Contributions by), Darío Sánchez González (Contributions by), Ibon Izurieta (Contributions by), Joan Ramon Resina (Contributions by), María Teresa Vera-Rojas (Contributions by), William Viestenz (Contributions by), Kelly Moore (Contributions by), Rui Trindade Oliveira (Contributions by)
Usually Ships in 1-5 Days
History and Drama: The Pan-European Tradition Cover Image
By Joachim Küpper (Editor), Jan Mosch (Editor), Elena Penskaya (Editor)
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Relationship Secrets of Pride and Prejudice Cover Image
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The Evolution of Proust's «combray»: A Genetic Study (Modern French Identities #138) Cover Image
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Comparing the Literatures: Literary Studies in a Global Age Cover Image
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Techno-Orientalism: Imagining Asia in Speculative Fiction, History, and Media (Asian American Studies Today) Cover Image
By David S. Roh (Editor), Betsy Huang (Editor), Greta A. Niu (Editor), David S. Roh (Contributions by), Betsy Huang (Contributions by), Greta A. Niu (Contributions by), Kenneth Hough (Contributions by), Jason Crum (Contributions by), Victor Bascara (Contributions by), Warren Liu (Contributions by), Seo-Young Chu (Contributions by), Abigail De Kosnik (Contributions by), Jinny Huh (Contributions by), Steve Choe (Contributions by), Se Young Kim (Contributions by), Dylan Yeats (Contributions by), Julie Ha Tran (Contributions by), Kathryn Allan (Contributions by), Aimee Bahng (Contributions by), Douglas S. Ishii (Contributions by), Tzarina T. Prater (Contributions by), Catherine Fung (Contributions by), Charles Park (Contributions by)
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