Gary The Go-Cart: Wind Blows (1)

Gary The Go-Cart: Wind Blows (1)

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Denson, B B



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Denson, B. B.; Marques, Sidnei R.

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"Wind Blows" is a humorous conservative "Children's Book" that tackles Wind Energy and Fake News in a manner that is so simple, even a child can understand it on some level. (Hopefully, the parent will get it as well ) "Wind Blows" details Gary's adventures as he explores Wind Energy and compares it to Oil and Gas. You might be surprised by what he learns. Ms. Denson simplifies some rather complicated ideas about energy and created a fun story, written in poetry with rhyme and cadence. The Gary the Go-Cart series was written to balance the conversation surrounding energy and the environment. It is 32 pages of full-color illustrations plus a section at the back of the book, "For the adults in the room" that gives information and quotes showing the problems with wind energy. It is illustrated by the late, great award-winning Sidnei Marques, who passed away shortly after completing the illustrations for this book. This book gives a different perspective from the one that is normally shared. This perspective is shared by large numbers of experts who are not having their voices heard. It shows how the energy controversy is all about politics and money and nothing to do with the environment.

The book can be read on one level to a child, who sees Gary as a Go-Cart who likes to do the right thing, and on a much deeper level by a teenager or an adult. It will likely make you laugh out loud.


Desideramus Publishing


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